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SJ hold public classes periodically according to the market demands, SJ also provides customized classes for clients in different IT sectors. These classes includes following topic (Detailed courses description is available on request.)


IT Quantitative Management:
Software Function Point Analysis (2 days)
Software Metrics Practice (2 days)
Software Estimation and Measurement (3 days)
Software Benchmark Management (2 days)
IT Quantitative Management Techniques (3 days)


IT Project Management:
IT project management fundamentals (2 days)
IT project management advance (3 days)
IT project management (5 days)
Software Quantitative Project Management (3 days)


IT Quality Management:
CMMI model training (3 days)
Software Quality Management (2 days)
Software Review Technique and Management (2 days)
Statistics Controls Process Techniques (3 days)